fashion advice from Miranda

through time and space

to the President of Poland

television sitcom Miranda series 01, episode 02, minute 10:49


Last year when he visited Donald Trump he didn’t get the chance to sit during signing important (meh) document. Photo can be checked here

The public was amused. Some called it a faux pas. The Polish president didn’t seem troubled.

[hey, I’m often to busy to sit myself taniec-ruchomy-obrazek-0342[1]]


Well, as they say if someone gives you the cheek turn the other cheek.

The president’s cheeks, all in all, do have plenty other occasions to rest.

On mentioned occasion he didn’t use the fashion tip from Miranda, better luck next time.

There is this common saying in Poland: przezorny zawsze ubezpieczony – which suits, maybe you will dear readers prompt me with the equivalent in English language, it means more or less – it’s always better to be prepared.

I would find it a huge milestone in the USA-Poland diplomacy if the Polish President was wearing a chair attached to his bottom during the very next meeting with Donald Trump : D.



I’ve just learned…

… that last Friday of May is the European Neighbours’ Day.

As I have troubles with my very own upstairs neighbours because they are really inconsiderate people I would like to dedicate this blog entry to my neighbours who truly worth it.  Since my upstairs neighbours proved me well that it is not worthwhile to talk with them I don’t think they deserve to be part of this special occasion.

That is why I want to dedicate upcoming European Neighbours’ Day 2019 to Poland’s dearest immediate neighbour – Russia.

We came a long way together. We managed to establish fair relations. Some forces are doing everything to destroy it, yet the spirit of good will in our nations is a survivor. I truly believe in this old saying – a friend in need is a friend indeed. Now, when there is some sort of strong anti-Russian front gathering I wish to send my words of support to Russia. I have no reasons to be anti-Russia. I am well aware of the fact that our nations have more what binds them than what differs them. To me this situation when even during sports events Russians cannot sing their own anthem, they cannot show their flag it’s preposterous. Ancient civilizations knew to stop all wars for the time of the Olympics, modern world turned out to be much less civilized.

my wishes on the European Neighbours’ Day:

live long and prosper my dear neighbour – Russia. We know well that what is ruined one day, can be rebuild the following day. Strength lies in joint effort.

In conclusion, I want to express my hope for better tomorrow – for more wisdom in the world, for friendship not hostility, for inclusion not exclusion, and for shared development not regress.

Girl losing her hair in London

to see Thames and lose hair

those who live in London know what it means

brown thick waters of Thames in London might not be the view to die for

yet what is more important escapes the eye

I don’t know who came up with this preposterous idea of what we do to our rivers – dumping everything to it, filter and reuse

but the fact is it DOES take its toll on us

in London the most obvious one is hairloss

how to prevent it – install a shower head filter

and think – hey, it could be worse, fish lose their fertility due to exceeding amounts of estrogen in water, so I’ve heard

hatered & review – differences

There are strong differences between hatered and commenting.

Rational people understand that we all have to talk often about things which we don’t like.

One cannot just say ‘it’s alright’ or even ‘that’s brilliant’ if it’s the opposite way. That’s just washing hands like Pilate. Indifference is harmful.

One can prize a toddler for doodles but for olders it becomes detrimental. Any progress is triggered by those who see something needs a change and take action. The least we can do is to comment.

If someone takes one side in feud which is in media, which affects larger groups, they cannot expect it will be left without a comment.

Link  – in few words: one male writer in graphic (as writers do) way commented one female celebrity’s support for antiabortion movement, she sued – in my opinion it was just a comment, someone could agree or disagree with it, or just felt amused, to me there was no legal matter in this.

On the other hand

here is example of really dangerous thinking therefore a leagal matter link

(both articles in Polish, use translator if necessary)

in our world there is no room for any discrimnation, that is what I think, we keep having more and more solutions promoting equality…

I hope noone ever again will have problems with distinguishing hatered from reviewing.

It is good to have freedom of speech, otherwise it’s the state of repression.

Yet, no words should ever show even the slightest approval for crime.

Review and satire for centuries have been the only way of revealing** the king is naked.


** : D  : D


city girl and the wild

I’m a city girl, yet I’m not scared by the trees nor wild animals.

I’m not the one who would keep a cheetah on a leash either. Nothing extreme, my attitude is moderate. Besides I feel it’s just against cheetah’s nature, a cheetah is not a chihuahua.

Intense deforestation in Poland disturbed me greatly. It is like authorities were at least perplexed by even couple of trees in urban area. And for last years wild forests, those under law protection have been treated by them like hostile civilisation from the outer space who colonised the Earth with no right to it.

I love city, I can’t imagine to live deep in the woods or in the countryside, yet I love life-giving nature more than I love city and I’m strongly into keeping it intact. It’s our treasure which we are bound to protect not to destroy.

Lately Poland has implemented this preposterous policy of killing boars. What a horrid procedure. It’s officially due to ASF. One could be fooled. But before that numerous ocassions were noted that city people were petrified by boars wondering within city limits link. People like to kill what they don’t understand, isn’t it that way?

Instead of fantasising about moving to some other “Earth” couldn’t we just respect the one we live on now?

To BOARS                                           To TREES

From Poland with love ❤              From Poland with love ❤



few words on slavery

Slavery exists today, it just hides under words like:


-human trafficing

or even such innocent ideas as international adoption or outsourcing.


Culture of ancient Rome may seem impresive, yet ancient Rome new the slavery too.

Middle Ages – Jewish merchants bought Slavic slaves at the popular market in Prague in Czech




Slavery had different faces throughout the centuries, one is sure – we can’t call ourselves brighter society if we have our own modern slavery…

62 anniversary of popular animation

Soon, on the 6th of March Miś Uszatek will be having his 62 birthday.

The character loved by millions, popular in native Poland and abroad might be spending his birthday in the box.

Unfortunately, last year a bailiff didn’t cut him some slack and repossessed props from set which were part of museum exposition for years now.

Authorities seem to not give a damn. We love Miś Uszatek! Freedom to Miś Uszatek!