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‘The Atlantic was crossed in kayak by far by two Germans, a British and twice by me. All my predecessors started from islands and ended on islands. From which of Canary Islands Atlantic starts? No one knows, because it doesn’t start from any island, it stretches from a continent to a continent. My predecessors almost crossed the Atlantic, but officially it is said that they crossed it. I didn’t want anybody to tease me that I almost crossed the Atlantic, because that almost makes a difference. I am the very first one who crossed the ocean from a continent to a continent’ – kayaker Aleksander Doba in an interview, April 2015

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First expedition: 26.10.2010 Dakar (Senegal)  –  2.02.2011 Acarau (Brasil) 5394 km

Second expedition: 5.10.2013 Lisbon (Portugal) – 19.04.2014 New Smyrna Beach (Florida) 12427 km with stopover in Bermuda due to loss of steering wheel

Third expedition: 16.05.2017 New York (USA)  –  3.09.2017 Le Conquet (France) 8109 km

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variety is our world’s spice

We love England for Euronews yt channel which brings us real unbiased, not contaminated with manipulation news from the world ❤ Thank you England ❤

like this one link and many others

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historic fact in one sentence no73

Do you know…

…that Georgian chess champion Nona Gaprindashvili on September 16, 2021 filed a lawsuit against Netflix for false statement in The Queen’s Gambit miniseries saying that she was never competing in chess against men


world is filled with unexpected events

why coin such statements if they are false? why withdraw from doing thorough research when portraying real people? why in earth convincing audience that what is shown is what really happened but show total ignorance towards reliance upon facts?

I hope Nona will get justice

and Netflix will get their facts right from now on.

only one thing is certain – historybeststory is here to show history that really happened

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wish all good people out there

only happy endings

in your history!

make the world a better place one good thing at a time

Tuesday blog column is back

don’t know if for good

have problems with consistency

let’s leave this unframed way instead of framed way

a beautiful painting is still beautiful without a frame….

what an artsy intro…

which actually brings us to the main topic for today –

paint, make music, write,… create

never know how much it can mean to others link = yt video with Bill Murray’s story

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Variety is our world’s spice – special edition

We love Russia for Sergey Mikhaylovich Prokudin-Gorsky and his invention of colored photos ❤ Thank you Russia ❤

Let’s introduce more recognition, appreciation and celebration of kindness to our life. So every day was a thanksgiving day. So every day was filled with gratitude.

We are intelligent creatures enough to build bridges not burn them. History teaches us that politicians often bring unnecessary wars upon regular people. It’s we, regular people who die, politicians keep living their comfortable lives.

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