waters (br)exit

to those who still don’t believe that history happens before our own eyes

political puppets: exit – stay – exit

everyone wants to say: oh, just make up your mind already

meanwhile in the world of real people: https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-wales-50192517

could anyone get down to truly important things like floods

something has to be done because it is recurring problem affecting loads of people

solutions are simple just get down to it

what’s stopping them? the repulsive thought that they would actually do they work and this work would make some taxpayers’ lives easier?!

naughty adults play with people’s lives

I’ve just learned that kindegartens in my country dedicate one day per week for each child to bring their own toy to play with it. I haven’t got the slightest idea what are the groundings of it. I’d ask why just one day/week but oh well.

Let’s dedicate this day to a toy and make a half-funny half-scary simulation.

What would a Japanese do if you gave him a toy? Make animation about it.

What would a Russian do if you gave him a toy? Write a song about it.

What would a Polish do if you gave him a toy? Disassemble it and then reassemble living few things out yet it would work better.

What would an American do if you gave him a toy? Just destroy it.


wake up world

American dream rugs to riches is but a dream

how many countries have to undergo the riches to rugs scenerio because of the USA before the world will shake off this sleep paralysis?


Does anybody even remember the biggest Mexican ever?

There are these two 90s movies unlike any other. They both create this special mood, and for this mood I keep coming back to them once in a while.

Is it the plot…

Is it the music…

Maybe the settings…

The combination of all mentioned and more…

Those are two movies about which one can say – the right people in the right place at the right time.

Desperado (1995) and Leon (1994)

There is something about them, sounds like an in-depth review, what can I say – often something is so good it is difficult to find right words. Those two movies definitely have the “it” factor.

Having that said, I want to express my concern over history of the world which happens in front of our very eyes, maybe that is only my impression, but those films are gathering nothing but dust. It seems to me that they are overlooked… forgotten… I would honestly placed them somewhere close to the top of the best films ever.

And here is my theory – we have nowadays stronger than before tendency towards drugs acceptation. I see this serious problem that there are no campaigns against drugs, it is not said that it is wrong to take drugs. Media rather say it is fun, it is the artist thing… and so we have these two great films with unpopular way of showing the world: narcotics are wrong, people who stand out against narcotics are heroes.

Blonde doing reverse mathematics

Poland spends enormous amounts of money on “safety”.

Oh, this is well spent money – so the Government tells us.

Yeah… nope.

Every since the Government started paying these… um… what is fortune to me and I bet what the USA call a windfall by the way, what Poland gets is greater threat.

So the more money we spend on safety, the less safety we get.

Some say war is upon us. And with full knowledge what war means (we were ridden back and forth not once nor twice) we really as the society which won’t be evacuated by choppers out of the hell, agree that war in Poland again is a bad idea conceived in our rulers heads. I’ve seen them wearing soldier uniforms for the photo shoot, I just can’t be convinced that they will wear it when the sharp shooting starts.

I can picture them more like… soaking cocktails down the tropical islands… when the society here will be again down the gutters  again with no arms & amunition, no electric power, food no water supplies and again too far away from our important documents established “friends” to lend as a helping hand.

After all, who cares about civilians during war. Just add them up and you will have, what’s the name… oh, yes – acceptable losses.

And as much as I believe that history likes to repeat itself, and Poland has been reassured and reassured of the fact over and over again, I’m not seeing any rescue for Poland this time, yet I can foresee everybody  saying – hey dude, you brought it on yourself.

Also all the heritage we’ve lost during each war is left hanging. What’s still there to vanish? Last remnants telling that any Slavic was ever here? Contemporary ‘researchers’ rewrite history to their own liking anyway in thousands of studies and books.

Here, from this blog, I want to admit that the military activity carried with honour of a soldier Poland could brag about no less than 10 centuries of existence, truly ended with joining OTAN.

Perhaps there will be no war…                                                                                              perhaps the Government’s pressure on baby boom has no war correlated reasons… perhaps a pretty penny the Government of my country spends on “safety” is paid just the same as when small restaurants pay extorted money to street thugs for “protection”…

I just don’t know, yet I’m 100% sure my country could use that money for important things like healthcare, environment, workpalces. If the USA wants to expand their control let them expand it over all those homeless people within own country, let them built cities with homes and workplaces for them on their own vast teritory, look for market and tax payers among those people. I don’t want American soldiers or weapons in my country, noone asks me (being just al*) though…




*al = acceptable losses

who the hell writes the history?

1989 is called in Poland the year of gaining freedom from regime.

Yet, it is said that the members of opposition were too infantile at that time therefore old communist politicians had to keep the rudder of reborn Poland.

The ‘thick line’ a political term coined by Tadeusz Mazowiecki encircled all those politicians who were co-creators of ‘old regime’ and let them reborn with entire country as democrats just to have a clean start in putting foundations of what was about to be called capitalism. Oh, the irony. Yet there are other people in Poland who lived in ‘times of regime’ and somehow the thick line didn’t include them. People of all professions, often people who rebuilt Poland after what war left – cities and villages burnt to the ground. Those people are now post-war victims of another political term ‘decommunization’.

One of the peculiarities of decommunization is that it gives the authorities the right to sentence to death those people who are dead for a long time and cannot say a single word to defend themselves. This time it is death in people’s memory. They are erased from history pages. Their good name is taken from them. E.g. doctor Jan Tkaczow who did a lot to organize hospital care in a small town Boguchwała is now labeled as ‘communist’. In Boguchwała there was a street named after him since he did a lot for the locals. Decommunization led to changing the name of this street.

It is not a new concept though. Some people wonder how come we could forget about our roots. How come we don’t know one certain thing about Poland before 966? How come we don’t know much about our Slavic ancestors?

Well, the same is happening now. It is a matter of changing the name, a matter of erasing, a matter of defaming dead heroes.

By the way, Boguchwała (which can be translated as ‘God’s glory’) was once called Pietraszówka after its owner called Pieter, who was also forgotten…

fashion advice from Miranda

through time and space

to the President of Poland

television sitcom Miranda series 01, episode 02, minute 10:49


Last year when he visited Donald Trump he didn’t get the chance to sit during signing important (meh) document. Photo can be checked here

The public was amused. Some called it a faux pas. The Polish president didn’t seem troubled.

[hey, I’m often to busy to sit myself taniec-ruchomy-obrazek-0342[1]]


Well, as they say if someone gives you the cheek turn the other cheek.

The president’s cheeks, all in all, do have plenty other occasions to rest.

On mentioned occasion he didn’t use the fashion tip from Miranda, better luck next time.

There is this common saying in Poland: przezorny zawsze ubezpieczony – which suits, maybe you will dear readers prompt me with the equivalent in English language, it means more or less – it’s always better to be prepared.

I would find it a huge milestone in the USA-Poland diplomacy if the Polish President was wearing a chair attached to his bottom during the very next meeting with Donald Trump : D.


I’ve just learned…

… that last Friday of May is the European Neighbours’ Day.

As I have troubles with my very own upstairs neighbours because they are really inconsiderate people I would like to dedicate this blog entry to my neighbours who truly worth it.  Since my upstairs neighbours proved me well that it is not worthwhile to talk with them I don’t think they deserve to be part of this special occasion.

That is why I want to dedicate upcoming European Neighbours’ Day 2019 to Poland’s dearest immediate neighbour – Russia.

We came a long way together. We managed to establish fair relations. Some forces are doing everything to destroy it, yet the spirit of good will in our nations is a survivor. I truly believe in this old saying – a friend in need is a friend indeed. Now, when there is some sort of strong anti-Russian front gathering I wish to send my words of support to Russia. I have no reasons to be anti-Russia. I am well aware of the fact that our nations have more what binds them than what differs them. To me this situation when even during sports events Russians cannot sing their own anthem, they cannot show their flag it’s preposterous. Ancient civilizations knew to stop all wars for the time of the Olympics, modern world turned out to be much less civilized.

my wishes on the European Neighbours’ Day:

live long and prosper my dear neighbour – Russia. We know well that what is ruined one day, can be rebuild the following day. Strength lies in joint effort.

In conclusion, I want to express my hope for better tomorrow – for more wisdom in the world, for friendship not hostility, for inclusion not exclusion, and for shared development not regress.