Friday quote

‘-What are you gonna do now? Try the movies again?

-No. I’d never make it. And maybe it wouldn’t make no difference even if I did. Maybe it’s just the whole damn world is like Central Casting. They got it all rigged before you ever show up’

– from the movie They Shoot Horses, Don’t They? (1969)

Wednesday word

Word for today –

horrific notion no less than nuclear weapon

white phosphorus

is manufactured in the Pine Bluff Arsenal in Pine Bluff, Arkansas – please don’t do that, people, please, don’t work in this place, white phosphorus is used in weapons, it is sadistic way to kill people

US forces used white phosphorus in Iraq and Afghanistan link


Link to another article, for further reading

Nazi Germany used white phosphorus in September 1939 in attack on capital of Poland and in 1944 during the capital’s uprising. Missles with white phosphorus caused fires, burned people alive. Fire caused by white phosphorus cannot be extinguished with water, it can be only put out with sand.

make the world a better place one good thing at a time

…by seeing the bigger picture

When we regular people stick to minding own business, stick to taking care of our little life matters, stick to  thinking that political world is something far away look what happens… look around… the authorities cannot help themselves, they interfere more and more. They decide even about whether you can buy toilet paper… or meet family/friends and whether you can greet them with a hand shake.

Think about the bigger picture.

Think about what an immense deteriorating effect lack of schooling, lack of interactions with peers, lack of PE has on kids. Think about newborns who have to see the faces because that’s how they develop their cognitive functions and their abilities to express themselves. link

Within each community people are responsible for each other.

Neighbour’s suffering affects the neighbourhood.

We are all becoming culprits of the authorities through  mindless obedience. Those authorities who gradually make more and more decisions for us, keep an eye on more and more matters which should not be of their interest, take more and more from us. We make it easy for them to make our lives miserable.

Friday quote

‘Poland must immediately cease lignite extraction activities in the Turow mine’ – ordered the Luxembourg-based Court of Justice of the European Union on May 21, 2021.

EU is forcing Poland to stop mining coal. Coal remains the most efficient source of energy.

Meanwhile link to an article

link to article

If politicians are so worried about the air and groundwater how come we lose so much trees everyday?

Furniture companies go first.

New roads go first.

Military purposes go first.

Authorities get rid of trees under so many pretexts.

The fires are suspicious too. They really cannot be prevented? What is European Ranger Federation doing? Whoever earns money there should be guarding forests to stop any fire quickly.

Instead the authorities are happy to take taxes for CO2, for climate change


the very same people they deprive from jobs.

: (

Trees absorb CO2 and produce O2.

Trees maintain groundwater.

All we need to do is respect our trees just as our forefathers. If pagan people of Europe who were here before us worshiped trees – 1) they knew what they were doing 2) they were creating a civilization much more intelligent than the one we create today.

variety is our world’s spice

We love Finland for music band Loituma & their interpretation of Ievan polkka and its author lyricist Eino Kettunen ❤ Thank you Finland ❤

link to music video of Ievan polkka English: Ieva’s Polka, Ieva is female name in Finland, the beautiful song which makes one want to dance tells the story of a girl who sneaks out of mother’s house to place where people are dancing polka and she dances all night

: )

the world needs a hug !