We love Masha and the Bear

Children’s cartoon a threat to the world? link Anti-Russian propaganda plays dirty. Another casualty of it is a story about a little girl and her friends from the forest.

I love watching Masha and the Bear. It’s fun and beautifully made. All I see watching it is a child and the bear and things which happen to them. It makes me think how observant are the creators to show everyday domestic problems with a dash of humour and sympathy. They have also limitless imagination e.g. to show Bear creating a time machine just to fill in the family tree.

My favourites are the episode with aliens and the birthday episode.

But what a vast imagination possesses the one who sees in a cute little blond girl wearing pink babushka a balding politician pushing 70. Shall the Russian president feel flattered?

Since this kind of thinking born in some British and Estonian heads it may only be the proof of the fact that people can get too old to watch cartoons.

Don’t push cartoons to political prisons.

And don’t make these opinions too popular. The government of my country is obsessively anti-Russian, I don’t want them to ban the show in Poland. So shush.


Are you worth more than your paycheck says?

Of course!

and it has been proven click


builders, cleaners, nurses are working hard

often they don’t have life outside their jobs – there is just not enough hours in a day

why don’t they earn more? I don’t know

yet I’m definitly supporting the thought that they should

they could also have less job at their hands

if only some of us took more care about buildings, themselves and clean surroundings

still they cannot do at least that


those Japanese, take a look here link

and here link

let’s learn from Japanese – clean surroundings creates better mood and gives a great relief to cleaners : )

the most expensive two bottles of soda in the world



41 years old Larbi A. from Algeria owner of Prince Kebab in Ełk and his employee 26 years old Ati L. from Tunisia chased 21 years old Daniel, as they say, for stealing two bottles of soda. Soon Daniel was found dead covered in blood lying on the sidewalk. Police found Larbi A. and Ati L. in closed bar. They kept claiming they don’t know about anything.

Ati  L. at first claimed that he doesn’t know what happened. Then, maybe after consultations with his boss, he took the blame, he admitted that he stabbed Daniel several times. One time he stabbed him into the chest, in heart area.

It is said that Larbi A. was crying in the court and that he said that they were defending themselves.

How could they defend themselves if they were chasing Daniel, and on the contrary to Daniel they had a knife?

Only the merciful court could answer that. Usually in Poland if anyone takes the law into their own hands they are severely sanctioned in courts.

No matter for the reason murder is murder. Last time I checked in Poland the penalty for murder is at least 12 years of prison, 25 years or a life time.  Although it is hard to believe that Daniel stole anything, even if he did, it is unbelievable that in Poland country driven by law and justice anyone could be killed for theft.

Law in Poland is full of cases when people in actual self defense, often within their premises, to some extent harmed the thug and they were held responsible by the courts and sentenced for harming the attacker. In this case the judge (Renata Anna Berkane) must have decided that the use of knife was fair since Larbi A. under charges of taking part in a fight and not calling the Emergency to help dying Daniel has been given a one-year suspended prison sentence and 6 thousands złoty fee. Where is equality in the eyes of the law? It turns out that for the courts colour of skin makes the incomparable difference, no one can be racist towards Caucasians, yet it is even a fear of courts to be too strict towards those who are not Caucasians? Is it that following the letter of the law could be considered racism?

Imagine the reverse history. If a Caucasian was the owner of a restaurant in Algeria and a local resident was killed by his employee for theft…

In Poland kebab as fast food reaches the pick of its popularity. The fact is that kebab is number one selling  fast food in Poland. The fact is that all media and majority of Polish society advocated the owner of Prince Kebab in Ełk and blackened Daniel’s name.

The murder took place 100 metres from Prince Kebab in Ełk, Armii Krajowej 32.


restless time for ghosts


It’s true

Poland was liberated with help of Russian Army in years 1944-1945

It’s true

politicians in Poland are trying to destroy the memory about this chart of history

monuments are taken down in Poland due to political decisions

various monuments, I must say,

those commemorating Russian Soldiers and those commemorating Polish Soldiers and even those having nothing to do with Russia yet labeled by the politicians as “illegal”

why?  I don’t know

some ghosts must be haunting them…

autumn is the best season for military tourism

military tourism is not for couch potatos, it is for explorers and survival fans

historical military sites open the gates to forgotten times


the more neglected sites the merrier – often hidden deep in the forest, not easy to find, yet autumn reveals them to most perceptive of us

the thing about military tourism is that one can get to places seen by not many, only by those most determined, most persistent ones… and yes most couragous yet careful enough to come back ; )

you know the feeling when the muscels in your legs tremble, you feel hot yet cold at the same time, and somhwhere around your heart or soul, as some would say, anyway in the chest area there appears this tension

well, if not and seems appealing there are places in this world which will give you these notions, I guarantee you

if people weren’t money limited

a brief history of money

I’m not into economy. I do not really know who is benefiting from the fact that many people have less money that they need or would want to spend.

To my way of thinking, if each person had as much money as they wish, retailers would gain, country would have their taxes, and the entire world would be a merrier place.

I think that people would still want to work, their ambitions would be their drive.

We keep relying on this ancient invention, which came in all shapes and sizes. Paper notes were first used in China in the 9th century. Can we call ourselves a modern society? In one of Star Trek saga movies Kirk says ‘they’re still using money’ which is odd to him. In films about future we heard long time ago that we will eventually stop using money. The world of 21st c seems far from it.

Therefore I am not even going to speculate about dropping the use of money, but maybe if we all were able to earn, let say with these prices, £3000 a month, some of us more, yet no one less than that, there wouldn’t be a large tragedy in minds of those who like having more than others.

How about an experiment? If anyone would receive a gift of some relevant amount of money, how people would react, how the market would react…

link to an incredible story of one massive transfer

Japanese are considered a wealthy society and their economy is growing. Is there or isn’t there a justification for the money situation in the world. What is the justification for earning around £8 per hour if £12 seems the minimum?

I wait for your thoughts on that, mine is more money, larger consumption, happier people, less entrepreneurs going out of business, less food wasted because they expired before being sold.