make the world a better place one good thing at a time

… by sharing bits and pieces of your life with others

I cannot highlight this enough

therefore I’ll be, most likely, repeating myself on and on

dear people – create vlogs, create genuine content and share it with the world

I can imagine there are more people like me who starve for genuine, real, raw input among all these fake, commercial-like, glossy main-stream videos.

In search for the real thing… link

I must admit budding vlogs intrigue me yet they are impossible to find. Once in a while I come across some video only when I search some specific phrase in yt. Here I was on wave of binge watching different walking videos, after watching this one link I searched for more of this type walking : ) – so nice to walk with someone – LOL very convenient too no slips, no bugs attacking : ) I’ll be happy to come across more raw content like that, wish me luck, I’m so tired when vlogs I start feeling attached to turn into ongoing commercial – I know, I know they are making money – great for them, but then me personally – I just need to try searching for something valuable to me – which is not easy. Small vlogs attract me, I’m so curious what’s next… And dear small vlogs don’t keep me waiting long, bcs then I’m getting worried… like Plentiful Picnic keeps me waiting for so long now… Keep up the good work… please… you’re really making this world a better place

Friday quote

is it just me to have the feeling that we’re repeating the same pattern which occured about 100 years ago…

-unemployment rise

-epidemic and vaccinations

-abstract restrictions

-antagonising nations

-demonising Russia…


what’s next?

?upcoming war?

quote for today –

‘Wars can be prevented just as surely as they can be provoked, and we who fail to prevent them must share the guilt for the dead’ – Omar Bradley, quoted in Peace Pilgrim: Her Life and Work in Her Own Words (1992)